Terms of the international youth online festival of stage programs “Russian Avanscena 2021”
01.10.2021 — 30.11.2021

The festival “Russian Avanscena 2021” is held on the initiative and with financial support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.
The online festival of stage perfomances “Russian Avanscena 2021” will help to open up little-known and unknown pages of Russian culture for a foreign audience, engage the studying of its cultural and educational values, history, literature and theater. Such projects will make a point of the importance of the Russian language contribution to world culture. The modern format of the event will make it possible to interact with the audience in an accessible and fun way.
The festival project will show Russian language can be the language of international communication not only in the field of art, but also in general, because the stage perfomances problematics is familiar to everyone despite of their native language. The Russian Avanscena 2021 aim is to demonstrate everyone can speak Russian. Furthermore, the language itself is extremely useful. By understanding and speaking Russian, one gets the access to the endless expanses of Russian culture, thereby expanding your knowledge largely.

The online festival main aim is to develop the comprehensive application, dissemination and promotion of the Russian language as a fundamental basis for effective communication on the international level. The online festival of stage perfomances “Russian Avanscena 2021” was created in order to enlight the global role of the Russian language, literature and art for children and young people from different countries. The purpose of the event is to show the depth and beauty of the Russian language and to promote a willing to get acquainted with it.

Online festival objectives are:
to involve children and young people from different countries in the Russian language studying process, to deepen its knowledge, to give people the possibility to base upon the modern and classical Russian literature;

  • to search and encourage talented young theatre ensembles interested in Russian literature, culture and language;
  • the formation of the Russian language and literature values recognition;
  • the demonstration of the possibility and necessity of foreign citizens to operate in the Russian language with the example of the event participation, in some cases – the creation of a Russian language speaking practice and understanding precedent;
  • the demonstration of the educational approach of teaching the Russian language, its simplicity and capabilities at the initial stage;
  • the acquaintance of foreign citizens with Russian literature, in some cases – the creation of the acquaintance precedent;
  • the processes involvement not only of the participants themselves, but also of the environment, thus, the involvement of not only youth, but also a wider audience.
  • promotion of cultural values abroad and broadcasting of theatrical performances based on works of Russian literature in Russian;
  • the enlightment of current projects carried out by Russian cultural and educational institutions and aimed at promoting the Russian language, literature, culture, history and education.

Terms of the international youth online festival of stage programs Russian Avanscena 2021