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Theater group «Balaganchik», Liepaja
Country: LatviaC
«Something about it and not only» (A trip to Mars in one action). D. Kalinin


Theater Studio «Blue Bird», Varna
Country: Bulgaria
«Le cafe de Kryloff». According to the fables of I.A. Krylov


Russian-German Cultural Center, Nuremberg. («The Nutcracker» Theater Studio)
Country: Germany
«Pushkin! Just Pushkin!»


Theater circle of the Nottingham Russian School «Teremok»
Country: Great Britain
«The Adventures of Pinocchio», Alexey Tolstoy


Raek Studio Theater
Country: Belarus
«Baggage» Samuil Marshak


Studio at the Russian school «Planet» (Frankfurt)
Country: Germany
«Fly-tsokotuha». Korney Chukovsky


Theatre Studio at the Cambridge Russian Academy
Country of the participant’s team: Great Britain
«Romeo and Juliet»». William Shakespeare